An Introduction to Traditional Gold Tooling with Trevor Lloyd MBE, the first tutorial video from All About Bookbinding is now available for purchase – on DVD or to stream/download. Please visit the Shop for full details.

“I think this is fantastic. Very straightforward demonstration … plenty of the finer points, tips and tricks. And you captured some difficult shots of details!”


“It’s even better than I expected, so much detail. I suspect that I will be watching it many, many times over.”


“Nuggets of wisdom for finishers of all experience. You will learn more from this than any book on finishing. I just wish I’d seen this 15 years ago – it would have prevented a few tantrums!”


“A wonderful introduction. The way it is presented is clear and precise. Congratulations on a great presentation – hope there’s more coming.”


“There is something here for everyone. Technically the video is superbly put together with excellent visuals and sound.”


“Great teacher. Thorough in his explanations and processes.”


“The beauty of a tutorial like this is that I can keep coming back to it. Picking up on a different detail each time.”